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 leaders to visit Yiwu market

    National ministries and provincial leaders to visit Yiwu market

the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Penson, deputy director of SAIC rain, Sun Dawei, deputy director of AQSIQ and other relevant state ministries and commissions, Provincial Committee, vice governor Chen Miner, Vice Gong is the governor, and provincial leaders and the units all over the city's main leaders across the province, in the end of the pilot reform mobilization meeting, to the newly opened five District International Trade City market visit.

       In Zhi-Ping Huang, Meihua, Tongxiang Di, Yang Lin Zhang, Xiu Xian and other municipal bodies, accompanied by the leadership, and interest to Penson and his party visited the Museum of imported goods market five areas. Products Exhibition Center in Africa, from Africa, households in their respective business-bit operating performance from the home's entrance music, attracted all the guests have enjoyed.

     Bordeaux, France, India, Aromatherapy, Swiss Army knife, the German kitchen, African ebony ... ... 75 countries and regions gathered more than 40,000 kinds of commodities imported goods Museum, commingle in a "World Wind" for visitors to enjoy shopping. Some leaders have been to Yiwu Market with emotion, the new Museum of imported goods larger, more variety, more attractive layout.

Penson line from time to time into the business place, a cordial conversation with the dealers and asked the origin of goods, sales, logistics, customs clearance and so on. Interest to cultivate the market leader, market regulation, import and export issues, accompanying one by one answered.

 The picture shows the meeting of the leaders in the Party Secretary Huang Zhiping, accompanied by Mayor He Meihua, etc., visit the newly opened five areas of international trade city market.

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