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 Yiwu market,an then sail the world

Yiwu market, and then sail the world



zhejiang open economy and major transformation of great development of new opportunities. This two-day, comprehensive reform of yiwu international trade and mobilization briefing will be held successively in Yiwu. This means that, in the middle of this year, the State Council issued a document approved in March, the "Yiwu pilot" officially kicked off.

This is a county-level cities in china yiwu, the glory of this: with the Pudong New Area and other 9 countries have been approved than comprehensive reform pilot area, Yiwu is the first county-level cities by the State Council approved a comprehensive reform, but also the first country in Zhejiang level comprehensive reform.

This new round of development is more of Zhejiang added a new engine. In the creation of a legend after 30 years of economic, institutional mechanisms for facing weakened first-mover advantage, in the face "pursuers approaching, model further and further away," the new trend of regional competition, Zhejiang urgent need for new reforms to promote, and create new advantages of institutional mechanisms .

Zhejiang Yiwu behind

Why is Yiwu? Zhejiang Yiwu is behind because of.

Yiwu selected as the comprehensive reform of international trade, both because of Yiwu unique personality, but also contains the provincial government's strategic considerations.

In the country more than 2,800 counties (cities, districts) and Zhejiang 90 counties (cities, districts), regardless of economic power than a single, or look at the comprehensive strength, Yiwu is not the strongest.

But comprehensive reform of international trade, the "Yiwu is the condition of at least one of the most sophisticated place." Provincial Development and Reform Commission deputy director for Ting Yao that in the past 30 years, from the "feather-for-Sugar" started, with a unique "rattle" spirit, Yiwu has become the world's largest commodity market, not only is an important platform for SMEs to the world, but also reflect the global commodity supply and demand, resource distribution and the elements of the division of global production.

But the flowers Yiwu, not just here.

Every major decision-making behind the introduction, have a touching vivid detail. Behind the pilot approved in Yiwu, we see that the provincial government's full support and direct driven. We see Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Commerce and other relevant functional departments go all out, numerous research and discussion, to produce a high degree of recognition by the national ministries of the pilot overall program.

Yes, behind Yiwu, Zhejiang, Yiwu, Zhejiang legend behind the legend. Are, therefore, in the beginning of the year model of economic development of Zhejiang Ocean area planning a national strategy less than a month, Yiwu pilot is expected to exceed the speed of approval. It is entrusted with the central Zhejiang earnest look forward to a new round of development, but also to "Why is Yiwu" the most fundamental answer.

This expectation is high expectations of innovation and development in Zhejiang. From the smaller provinces to the economic province, can be said that there is no persistent innovation, there is no economic reform and opening up, Zhejiang legend. Yiwu, Zhejiang, which is a perfect microcosm of innovation: the road from the original 1982 to the present leads the world market commodity of all, this is not temporary sea, not inland along the river in the small town of Zhejiang, in the absence of any extraordinary natural historical endowments, conclude the business of human civilization in the history of creation. The face of strategic opportunities, national development needs of new innovative Zhejiang.

This look is the first transformation of Zhejiang expectations. China is the world's largest foreign trade country, but import and export balance, low value-added export products do not solve structural problems, change the development mode of foreign trade is imminent. As a foreign province, but the first to take the lead in the development of Zhejiang challenged, of course, be the first to explore a package "to solve the side."

This expectation is the national development of Zhejiang service expectations. As the market province, the province, especially the professional market, Yiwu Small Commodity Market, both inside and outside the province provides a large number of SMEs to access international markets. Therefore, to accelerate market transformation and upgrading, will be driven hundreds of thousands of small and medium enterprises to upgrade.

New guess international trade

"In the future can do French perfume business out of it!" In Yiwu to become informed of a comprehensive reform of international trade after the French Pierre is the first reaction.

Pierre had been living in Yiwu, more than 3 years, the French clothing company for small commodities in Yiwu Market purchases belts, accessories and other clothing accessories, one year to go by air 10 to a container, shipping containers go 2.

Consistent with Pierce's intuition, the provincial director of International Economic and Trade Research Center, Zhang Handong also believes that the pilot, after approval, the core of the change will be change in the pattern of international trade, "the pilot will trade Yiwu, Zhejiang province and the country's foreign trade in transition, first to offer new experiences and new model. "

Traveled outside the door people know that whenever Paris, Las Vegas, New York, so "shopping paradise", has focused the world's brand, and attract more and more countries shopping family. So, bear the brunt of changes in Yiwu, the pilot is imported. Currently, the Yiwu market, export-oriented more than 65%, much higher than the domestic export, import and export of such a state of imbalance, but also with Zhejiang's foreign trade and the overall situation of the country's foreign trade is consistent.

This imbalance can not be sustained. As the State Council Research Office, in a study on the topic of Yiwu pointed out: the international financial crisis, a real demand for the integration of domestic and foreign trade, more than ever before, more urgent, both continue to explore the international market, but also to meet the domestic market demand is the future of commodity market trends.

Some years ago, Yiwu market operators to realize - the development of import is imperative. October 2008, Yiwu International Trade City Hall set up imports, has been introduced more than 50 countries and regions, 27,000 kinds of commodities. But these are only "testing the waters." Pilot approved, the market move spontaneously, it really could rise to the strategic level. According to the overall pilot program in 2015, Yiwu market, the proportion of imports than double by 2010.

This goal, Jinhua Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Huang Zhiping Yiwu is very optimistic in his view, the Yiwu market, with both the domestic wholesale center, so the potential to become China's sales of foreign products to enter the lowest cost, most efficient platform. Recently, Yiwu Import Center has been an overall move to a new International Trade City opened five, covers an area from the original 2 million square meters to expand to 10 million square meters.

Once imported to achieve a breakthrough, it is not difficult to imagine: a global collection of high quality products in Yiwu, it may become a true international metropolis comparable with another shopper's paradise.

Of course, there are changes in the way export development, in the pilot, this change may take longer, but also the most far-reaching significance. Promote this change, Yiwu and most conditions. Market-led production, hundreds of thousands of SMEs as the country's major export platform, after the pilot is entirely possible through the establishment of Yiwu "entry threshold" approach, to promote the overall increase product quality, the "Yiwu market" to create a synonym for high quality.

A "first mover advantage"

Although only a county-level city, Yiwu has a data line with many domestic cities can not match: there are more than 1.2 million foreign resident.

Proud at the same time, Yiwu had to face a dilemma: by the existing policy constraints, in the more than 12,000 overseas merchants, the vast majority are not eligible to run. Moreover, in Yiwu, a similar situation is far more than that.

"Small horse-drawn carts," the system bottlenecks faced in Yiwu, yiwu city Policy Research Office Shi Wenzhen the case description. In his view, Yiwu has in many aspects of the system innovation breakthroughs. For example, Yiwu is the State Council approved the first pilot county-level city right of approval of Foreign Affairs, the Customs Department in Yiwu, the implementation of "tourism and shopping goods" regulatory model and simplify the classification policy, Yiwu Municipal County or the pilot reform in our province. But "these systems often break suddenly into the type of man, but also close to the existing policy framework of the innovation system in the limit."

Yiwu is only a microcosm. Institutional mechanisms to weaken the first mover advantage, is also pressing issues facing the development of Zhejiang.

In the past 30 years been at the forefront of Zhejiang, the lead development and create a lot of experience and pattern. Traces its roots, an important reason for this is market-oriented institutional mechanisms for first-mover advantage. But today, this first-mover advantage is gradually diminished, the need for further innovation.

Or to foreign businessmen and business qualifications, for example, in the pilot approval, in order to tailor foreign resident "foreign natural persons registered as individual business model" has become possible to Yiwu to create "buy global, sell global" international trade Center laying the basis of the basic system.

Similarly, there are regulatory model of innovation. Yiwu Small Commodity Type as many as 170 million, with a single small-scale commodity trade, trade of the main and more frequent transactions and other characteristics of the existing trade with China is very different, therefore, commodity trading regulation, there is classified as difficult, the nuclear price difficult, high cost and low efficiency all the problems.

Yiwu is granted a trial break opportunity. Clear that the pilot program to explore the implementation of trade and market sourcing suitable regulatory measures and methods. And this is a fundamental breakthrough, involving customs, inspection and quarantine, taxation, foreign exchange, the five business sectors, not only will address the commodity clearance corresponding regulatory issues, to achieve "a declaration, one inspection, a release" will change the commodity trade can not be written off for export tax rebates and foreign exchange, foreign trade and other aspects of the qualification.

Such a system has a lot of innovation. Provincial Development and Reform Commission in a three-year implementation plan provided, the reporter noted that within three years the province will declare the relevant state ministries and commissions of 17 institutional innovation. All of these institutional innovations, if stable, effective, and are spread throughout from Yiwu, Zhejiang, for the period of strategic opportunities is in the development of Zhejiang, a new institutional mechanism to provide "first-mover advantage."

Looking forward to the new miracle Yiwu, Zhejiang expect legend!

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