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 Fair for the sunshine of fresh tricks

Fair for the sunshine of fresh tricks



April warm spring breeze, blowing open the 2011 Fair for the "mysterious" veil. Onccc Press Fair site visit, the huge exhibition hall, showing a Broad momentum and cultural atmosphere. Save the flow of people moving exhibition, appears orderly, always filled with festivity and traditional art. 2011 Yiwu fair and which highlights it? Fair to participate in the most tired eyes to the number, because the thing is too many. From Variety scarves, small jewelry, to the mahogany furniture, high-tech drawing board, where you can find many fun and exciting things. New products, sections of new ideas, attracting many domestic and foreign buyers on the spot negotiations.

2011 Fair Highlights: Interactive Whiteboard

Walking in the International Expo Center Exhibition Hall B, found Baicao Garden Electronics Co., Ltd. of zhejiang, the former pavilion full of many buyers around. The original 2011 Baicaoyuan e to give us some high-tech company launched a new product - an interactive whiteboard. Exhibition, told reporters, BCYboard whiteboard interactive whiteboard with the computer and projector for the perfect integration. Whiteboard using advanced electromagnetic induction technology, USB cable for signal transmission and power supply, the use of electronic pen or finger directly on the whiteboard and the experimental demonstration of interactive teaching, and can edit the content on the computer screen, edit, label, writing and drawing and other general office functions. "This product and the biggest difference between an ordinary whiteboard is that it's sensing capability. Our development of the professional office software, but also with a very powerful memory. Analogy, I drew a whiteboard drawing, I can Under the recovery key point, the computer automatically take you recall the process of drawing painting, writing no less than if the content too much, you just click on the delete key, and then draw in a circle on the whiteboard, the whiteboard will be blank for all. Like We use the same board, but, the interactive whiteboard will not give you the trouble of dust, and more high-tech, more convenient. "


Interactive Whiteboard

2011 Fair Highlights: Changeable Scarf

Remember the popular Fair 2011, the number of paintings? 2011 Variety scarf, the extent of its hot-selling digital painting and then compared it had been without and trend. International Expo Center in a museum in any area, all exhibit a Variety scarves products, many buyers are curious have stepped forward to try and see how this magic scarves in the end! Onccc reporters scrambled for a return to fun, to come up with a boss from the Showcase irregular silk scarf, one end of the cloth more than picked up the middle, set into the fabric of a special buckle in a small, gently pull , a bow tie method was born. Nice yet to come, will bow slightly pulling back a bit, and the flowers into a simple knot, then pull and bunch. Boss told reporters that do not look like this little Variety scarves, carefully playing up, can be tied to a dozen patterns. "Variety development scarf is coming from Taiwan, the first is for the autumn and winter markets Variety scarves, scarves into a Tube Top Dress can also be the scarf into a shawl. The launch of the Variety Fair Spring scarves are Summer silk scarf, feel comfortable, bright colors. It's tied law in Variety. A Variety scarves only 30 yuan, the more you buy the cheaper price. to carry out two days, has sold more than seventy, doing very well. "


This is the legendary Variety scarf. Silk scarf with beautiful women, can not beautiful?

Fair Highlights in 2011: Aspect and more creative students

Fair this year, the biggest bright spot is the first national exhibition of creative students. In the "Yiwu Cultural Innovation Park" where you can see college students everywhere to give us a fresh, new high-tech new products are, or DIY. Reporters on the E Center saw an open exhibition area, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College students sitting on the floor, "working hard" to show their talents, display unique artistic imagination of contemporary college students. Sand paintings, graffiti, artists think they have stopped buyers gathered to watch.


Spend very little money, you can get a creative DIY new spot

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