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 Yiwu market ,night market open

Yiwu market, night market open



April 18, Yiwu Market first opened Huangyuan clothing shop that morning from 7:30 to 20:30, as Yiwu public shopping and leisure destination.

     18:30, lanterns, journalists 6 entrance, next to someone Hupenghuanyou constantly hear, "I wait for you in the door, 6", "27, the door ah you? Then you go to Huangyuan Road Come on ... ... "side, pairs of couples, a group of N group and sisters, like family regardless seven eight-aunt, people excitedly went to the market.

     Assistant General Manager Liu Zhen Ting market introduction, today is the first day of trial operation, 70% of the commercial spaces are open for business, May 6 will be officially open for business.

     We went home service business 7 Street, 0718 4th floor commercial spaces, the shopkeeper Zhou Yun is commanding high packing: 5 pieces of each color, 100 pieces, made early tomorrow to go Yong Kang Zhang; the 400 will be sent tomorrow to Nanjing to ... ...

    Zhou Yun high since 1987 engaged in garments, knitted from the old market to the later Binwang market, Huangyuan to the current clothing market, more and better shopping environment. He has created his own home brand "KANGROU" Yiwu retail sales this year to focus, so that more and more people like his brand of Yiwu.

    3rd floor of the women is the most prosperous business, the eyes As a result, all people, transparent glass to each shop was especially good-looking clothes shine.

   607 3 Street store, surrounded by more than 20 individuals, said the owner He Fangying to 19:25, and she has done more than 60,000 yuan of business. Gong cents are buying clothes, said tonight she was about 4 sisters together to visit a small market, they are doing in the international business city, business stationery, the day could not get away. "Now these days, the evening stroll slowly, so good shopping environment, and all goods can be retail, so affordable, we decided to stroll a few months attached to the merchandise booth each get a clear idea ... ..."

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