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 Yiwu to develop a large logistics

Yiwu to develop a large logistics



The world's largest small commodities in Yiwu Market, thousands of shopkeepers at the lowest price, the sale of "you can think of," and "you can not think of" all kinds of things. More than dozens of similar products produced by manufacturers in order arranged, the buyer can close, dozens or even hundreds of goods than home. Buyers from all corners of the world, not only for the procurement of small shops, but also as Carrefour, Wal-Mart and other large retailers to find the product, where UNHCR has also set up purchasing points.

"If you stay in each booth for three minutes, then you through all the shops, take a year." Yiwu is almost always proud to say this sentence. There are more than 58,000 stalls, operates more than 420,000 kinds of commodities, generally believed that there are about 500,000 kinds of light industrial world, and in the Yiwu Small Commodity market accounted for the type of circulation more than 80%. A book written by a Japanese professor at the University books - "Yiwu, the hometown of hundred stores," introduced in recent years in Japan reached 150,000 yuan shop as much as the price of the store are all sold as 100 yen a unified (about 7 yuan), and "almost all of the items come from china yiwu."

Yiwu is in praise was under the inspiring. First, because the support elements to sustainable economic development of severe resource shortages, lack of construction land one of the City available land for construction of only 317 square kilometers of land resources are very limited; Second, water scarcity, according to preliminary estimates, water 8000 2020 million tons; third power shortage. Under this premise, the occurrence of some of the outflow of funds, corporate relocation is inevitable. A bigger problem is, due to small production units, do not increase R & D investment, product upgrades to a problem.

Another challenge comes from the "invisible" the market. Yiwu Small Commodity City, is one of many B2B giant has been the object of contention. Alibaba moved in back in 2003, Yiwu, and increasing efforts to develop the market in yiwu. Started to search Google, Yiwu has also laid them out posture, like in the massive slice of resources.

"Circulation market itself contains a great advantage of liquidity. Historical heart of the rice market, ticket number, have declined overnight. Only a sense of crisis, but also a sense of crisis with the amount in advance in order to make Yiwu survive!" Local analysis, Yiwu is the front face of the model to run fast and close behind the pursuers. Relative to a location or resource advantages of the city, Yiwu, to rely on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Promoted by the logistics together with the market

Yiwu Small Commodity Market concomitant logistics and health, common development and promote sustained economic and social prosperity of Yiwu. As the market's growing prosperity, the rapid development of logistics industry in Yiwu, to enhance the overall quality and regional economic competitiveness has played a significant role. At present, Yiwu logistics network of more than 300 cities around the country to achieve full coverage of major cities in China, goods can reach more than 90% of prefecture-level cities, the basic building a distribution center for small commodities market as a huge logistics network.

Relying on a huge market supply, Yiwu formed a "price depression." Yiwu market is the United Nations, the World Bank and other authoritative organizations hailed as the world's largest consumer goods wholesale market, bringing together 16 major categories of domestic and foreign, 4202 species of 170 million single items. Huge flow of supply to ensure the full use of logistics capacity, reduce the unit cost of transportation of goods in circulation. At present, Yiwu logistics costs accounted for 12% of the total cost of goods, far below the national average of 17%, the formation of a clear "price depression."

In improving the logistics infrastructure, after 30 years of reform and opening up the building, Yiwu has formed a comprehensive transportation, internal and external traffic convergence of the integrated transport network system, road, rail, air traffic advantage go hand in hand three-dimensional shape.

"Twelve Five" and the next period, Yiwu facing reform, development and stability of the major tasks. Including deepening "two reforms", that comprehensive reform of international trade, and urban and rural comprehensive reform; to create "two platforms", that is, the market platform and logistics platform; focus on building "two markets", that is, two living and productive consumption market; consolidate to enhance the "two major advantages," that Yiwu market, the first mover advantage of tangible and intangible competitive market advantage, and so on. On the one hand, to complete these important tasks require the support of the logistics industry, on the other hand, these major tasks and to accelerate the development of logistics, Yiwu has provided new opportunities and new demands.

Construction of the provincial commerce service area and the meaning of the West of production platforms and other large market, Yiwu logistics professional, high-end development offers new opportunities. At present, Yiwu, zhejiang Province, business service area is the 14 The zone at the provincial level, the initial planning 21.9 square kilometers. Meanwhile, to speed up the construction business service area, will focus on nurturing Yiwu Yixi production market.

Create "Yiwu to Hong Kong" to speed up construction of the national logistics node cities

"Strive to 2015, the 'Yiwu to Hong Kong' into a function with domain name and port of destination, port of origin so that a radiation Yiwu international and domestic, commodity distribution, and logistics of production of the country's major urban nodes." Party Secretary Huang Zhiping proposed to build the "Big Five system" idea.

Large investment in infrastructure, focusing on building to meet the "Yiwu Hong Kong," High throughput system for collection and distribution of goods. At present, yiwu city, plans to invest 19 billion yuan, 1.8 million mu of land, into a "two-site two parks a spare four professional" station general layout of the logistics, construction of integrated transport hub.

At the same time, to improve the "great customs clearance" function as the focus, building an international system of port services port function. Yiwu actively seek open air ports into the national "Twelve Five-Year" plan and implement the official opening. For opening of direct flights to Hong Kong, Yiwu, Yiwu to open in Dubai, Seoul passenger and cargo routes, efforts to improve port functions. Active with the Ningbo Port Group, the shipping company, to accelerate construction of CY Yiwu. Actively seek customs, inspection and quarantine departments to support, to achieve inter-related areas and cross-check area, "one declaration, one inspection and one release."

Cited only as a project of the characteristics of the logistics industry to meet the development needs of the construction personnel support system. Yucai the project cited only active with Zhejiang University and other research institutions to cooperate to build the logistics industry, production and research platform; Creative Talent Development Mechanism. To train logistics personnel is important to fully implement the "133 Innovative Talent Project" to train a group of senior experts in the field of logistics and young talents

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