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 Yiwu Market Credit Index vigorously boost

Yiwu Market Credit Index vigorously boost


According to City of Industry, the latest release of the fourth quarter of 2010, the credit index report, last October -12 January, Yiwu Market, monthly credit index were 139.53 points, 140.32 points, 139.71 points, the average was 139.85 points, compared with the average level of the third quarter 135.72 3.04% point increase. In the "YMCI colored lights warning subsystem" monitored by the fourth quarter of Yiwu market, the overall composite index of credit in the "green light" zone, the credit markets to keep a safe state.

According to the report analyzes the fourth quarter of 2010, Yiwu market credit situation is getting better mainly due to two factors: First, the market is quite active in trading, sales growth is gratifying, the fourth quarter of total commodity turnover of 18.919 billion yuan, 9.775 billion the previous quarter yuan, up 93.54 percent; the second is "doubles" (to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods) has been intensified, the overall credit market environment continues to become better.

Yiwu market for the fourth quarter, the credit index of the characteristics of the China Credit Research Center of Peking University, experts believe that Yiwu market, intellectual property protection is an important part of the credit-building, and no doubt is, whether it is at this stage, or in the long run, Yiwu Economic Development knowledge and technical skills will continue to improve, which is the transformation of economic development model in question was intended. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property is a long term and global Yiwu only way.

To improve intellectual property protection system, experts recommend one to second five-year plan of Yiwu as an opportunity to develop the city's new round of intellectual property strategy and planning; the other hand, we will carry intellectual property rights, promoting the long-term management system of intellectual property; Meanwhile, we must continue to improve the market mechanism of intellectual property rights; In addition, further strengthen IPR publicity efforts, to enhance consciousness of IPR protection and the main initiative to create a favorable atmosphere for IPR protection.

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