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 Yiwu wholesale market started underwear

Yiwu wholesale market started underwear



the reporter in yiwu international trade City Buildings found in four districts started underwear wholesale, wholesale buyers all over come to set off underwear market in a few days before opening the market will sell underwear to a climax. Reporter has to walk across the aisle from this numerous times, found today, this time is the busiest time business operators in the booth open for business, not a wholesaler is looking like the next one, that business operators are busy finishing products for delivery, and occasionally see a few relatively deserted stalls, but see the dealers match wits on the phone with customers, flexible use of the Yiwu business sense.

"Yesterday the market opened that morning, I received several pen that has a list! Chinese New Year, in addition to old customers, the very few people contact us because all know the market out of business." This one is the local boss of Yiwu , can do business in the market for years, he told reporters that during the Spring Festival, near the cities of the old customers will be able to call some of the goods, as long as the freight to go to the basic will to meet their needs, "during the Spring Festival many orders, but the volume is not great, many of them are a pack of two packages, one is 80 packets, be the largest it! "

In the market, the reporter also saw a lot of business operators are busy hanging to showcase their products, but It is understood that not many of them new, business operators explained that many factory workers have to formally rework after the Lantern Festival, now the factory production process can not start normal, but the beginning is the largest when the movement of persons, if not timely hire workers, many orders have been delayed, so now in addition to the normal opening of the market, the plant's pressure is not small.

City Market New Year break, city break, but not many shops out of business, told reporters that the man, a self employed households, the Spring Festival market closed, but onccc online market has been busy, taking advantage of the Spring Festival in China Commodity City has traded a few online a list. "Today hurry to rush over, because the Internet to contact a customer in Canada, said yes to the booth today to look over the sample." Year of the Rabbit had a opening orders, which of course is the most to the satisfaction of business customers things.

Store opening, cleaning, and ultimately, a family of three into battle together

The sample aligned to meet the universal guests

Exercise alone, the next one, too busy

Answer the phone, take notes, do not miss a business

To see what samples are also less

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