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 Africa set off Yiwu hot

Africa set off Yiwu hot



January 13 morning, the Xinhua News Agency reporter on the current African Hangzhou branch of the African foreign agglomeration Yiwu commodities and subject matter, thematic interviews with Mauritania in Yiwu and Yiwu merchants Kalifa Museum African museum of imported goods. African Commodities Exhibition Center will be built, more and more attracted to come to Africa to visit and study abroad in Africa, set off "Yiwu hot."

Kalifa is the pass, early in 1990 to study in China has become Africa's "Yiwu hot" solid promoters. Since 2000, in addition to purchasing a small portion of sales of goods to Africa, the few customers entrusted to him by procurement. However, the formation of Yiwu in the African heat, more and more businessmen commissioned Mauritania Yiwu Small Commodity procurement card issued, he became a middleman. Yiwu has gradually become the focus of Africans, African commodities also entered the Yiwu Market.

Museum Museum of imported goods in Africa, African ebony, sandalwood, hardwood products, such as, stunning. Museum of African official said, the African commodity exhibition center is completed, they will bring more African crafts, jewelry and food products will be more complete. This will be more effective in promoting China-Africa economic and trade exchanges, will help expand the impact of Yiwu in Africa.

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