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 Yiwu market in foreign businessmen's eyes
"The financial crisis indeed has great influence upon the market" Muha had deep feelings when he talked with the journalist. 4 year ago the Mauritanian businessman Muha found that Yiwu market was good for him to explore treasures and he stayed here to set up a trade company. He purchased goods in Yiwu market and sold them to mauritania and other West African coutries. The annual trade volume reached 6 million dollars.

Influenced by the financial crisis some foreign businessmen went back home from the second half of last year but he still stayed in Yiwu with his family too celebrate the New Year. The main reason for him to stay here is the most competitive commodities in the world of the good quality,reasonable prices, and abundant varieties. Although the trade volume decreased last year, the commodities here are numerous and big fortune could be made next year as long as the trade and sales net is still maintained between him and retailers in his hometown as well as other West African countries."Hold on this year, and big fortune next year."he said.

It is learned from the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation that there were over 10,000 foreign business people of permanent residence in Yiwu and over 2,800 agencies or representatives of foreign enterprises in Yiwu. Up till the end of last year there were sitll 4,000 foreign businessmen like Muha in Yiwu.

After the Spring Festival the economic stiuations this year turned better and foreign businessmen started to return. Almost half of the passengers in buser from Shanghai to Yiwu and flights from Guangzhou to Yiwu were foreigners. And the current occupancy rates of 12 four-star hotels or above stand over 70%. Most of the foreign businessmen were from Africa and Middle East as well as some European and American coutries.

Alashi, a sporting goods businessman from Teheran in Iran, came to Yiwu with two parters. And now they are bargaining with the boss in a diving goods shop.

Alashi told the journalist that all the goods in his store are made in China and 70% of them are from Yiwu.He would pruchase goods three months a time in person and the purchasing volume would be about 300,00 dollars every time.

Stoff Kelly, an American businessman purchasing in Yiwu, said that he wouldn't reduce the purchasing volume this time and the orders this year would exceed the past.The toys in Yiwu sell well and his toy store will be enlarged which mainly sells toys made in Yiwu. And he made some suggeestions that the technical skills of Chinese goods should be improved to conform to the security and supervision standard of imported goods to America.

It is learned that there are lots of foreigners like Muha in Yiwu. Although the restaurants and hotels run by Pakistan, Koreans and the Arabs are in depression now, they still hold on and are open to public, Monil, a Yemen foreign businessman, said that he had great confidence to the bright future of Yiwu market in spite of the business slowdown influenced by the financial crisis. He said that it is those who hold on that makes big fortune the following year.
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